Persian Saffron

Originally from the Persian Empire, saffron is a spice derived from the flower of the Crocus Sativus plant.

Negin Saffron is graded as “the longest and thickest saffron stigma” harvested. Each flower (Corcus Sativus) bears only three stigmas with the rare exception to special four stigma saffron flower. Our Iranian Negin Saffron is made up of these red stigmas which have been professionally hand picked and separated from the flower prior to natural drying, resulting in the highest quality saffron threads available on the market.

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Handpicked Saffron

Wild Mountain Honey

Raw, pure and natural wild honey from the mountains of Iran.

Honey has been known for its health benefits for millennia, and our product retains all of these sought-after benefits. Weight management, antioxidant properties, sleep promotion and a natural source of energy, this viscous liquid has been used for thousands of years for these very reasons, and more.

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Honey Harvesting


Also known as the “Black Gold’, caviar is a rare and precious delicacy obtained by extracting roe from the elusive Sturgeon fish. This is delicate and labor-intensive as most Sturgeon fish are not harvested for their caviar until at least ten years of age. We at Saffron & Caviar Int. specialize in four types of caviar; Sevruga, Baerii, Oscietra and Beluga with the exception of limited Wild Caviar upon availability.

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Freshly Sourced Caviar